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200 litre open top steel drum

Are steel drums food grade?

Steel drums are one of the most commonly used industrial containers in the UK. But while you might see them as invaluable for safely storing hazardous waste or transporting petrol or diesel fuels, they are also incredibly popular for storing and transporting food. In fact, the chances are high that at some point in the supply chain, the food or drink that you’re eating for dinner has been stored or transported in food grade metal barrels. High quality steel drums are UN food grade certified, making them an excellent (and importantly, safe) choice for foodstuffs.

Form Inliner Drum Liner s

Are empty oil drums hazardous waste?

Plastic drums and steel drums are commonly used to store and transport a wide variety of oils. But what happens to your empty oil drums when they are no longer needed for this task? Unfortunately, you can’t simply dispose of empty oil drums through standard channels. Depending on the type of oil that’s been stored inside, empty oil drums can be classified as hazardous waste if there is the potential for any harm to be done to human health.

all litre open top blue plastic drum front

What are the different types of Food Grade plastic?

Being able to safely store and transport food and drink is one of the most overlooked components of the modern world economy. Without safe storage containers, we wouldn’t be able to get milk from the farm to the shop, we couldn’t transport spices from one country to the next, and we wouldn’t have access to the incredible range of goods that we find in our local supermarkets and shops.


Everything you need to know about reconditioned steel drums

Reconditioned steel drums are put through an incredibly thorough reconditioning process, a process that essentially recycles the drum and makes it as good as new. Your steel drum might be dented, smelly, rusting, or even broken in half, but it can still be completely recycled and reconditioned.

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tight head steel drum top black

A Guide to Steel Drums

Steel drums are some of the most versatile and robust containers in popular usage throughout many industrial and commercial sectors. They can be found in warehouses and transport depots across the world, stocking all manner of industrial goods from foodstuffs to hazardous chemicals.


The Importance of Protective Packaging in Transport

Protective packaging is essential for the movement and transport of goods across the UK and the rest of the world. Without the means to safely protect items on both a commercial and industrial scale, suppliers could never meet the ever-growing demands of consumers and customers.

all litre open top blue plastic drum front line up

Is Polyethylene Plastic Safe for Diesel Fuel Storage?

Polyethylene is one of the most common synthetic materials used in the production of plastic storage drums, including the classic blue plastic drum found in warehouses across the world. But while plastic drums have a wide range of uses from storing food to transporting hazardous waste, businesses often ask the staff at ITP if they’re safe for storing diesel fuel.

Drum Cover  yellow

How do you repair a damaged plastic barrel?

A plastic barrel is one of the most durable, long-lasting and versatile industrial storage containers you can purchase. But at some point, even a trusty blue drum can be damaged or broken. However, damaged plastic barrels aren’t necessarily going to be a total write-off. Far from it in fact, because there are plenty of quick fixes to help you seal up leaks or repair cracks in a plastic drum. Damaged plastic drums can still have a long lifespan. Even if a repair job seems too difficult, they can be fully repurposed and recycled by professionals.

60 litre open top plastic drum lid and latch ring

How heavy is an empty intermediate bulk container?

An intermediate bulk container (IBC) is a fantastic way to store industrial-size quantities of liquids and semi-liquids in a safe and secure way. IBCs are lightweight plastic containers, often fitted out with a steel cage for support and protection. They are durable, robust, hardwearing and reusable. But before investing in a set of IBCs to fulfil your storage and transport needs, you might be wondering how heavy an empty intermediate bulk container is.

220 litre open top blue plastic drum and 220 litre tight head plastic drum front

How long will water stay fresh in a plastic drum?

A plastic storage drum is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to store freshwater for long periods of time. Plastic drums are the perfect solution for mass water storage, offering the capacity to store hundreds of litres in each container, with the option to easily transport or store the drums in bulk.

all litre open top blue plastic drum front

The history of blue plastic drums

Versatile, durable and dependable, the blue plastic drum is an essential component when it comes to safe and secure storage and transport of many different industrial goods. Oils, foodstuffs and even dangerous chemicals and hazardous waste can all be safely contained within a blue plastic drum, making it a popular and cost-effective solution for many industrial companies.

Plastic Drum Inside s

Can you store fuel in a plastic drum?

Plastic drums are one of the most versatile and cost-effective containers suited to industrial storage and transport needs, because they are suitable for a wide range of different materials, including harmful chemicals and hazardous waste. However, in this article, our experts explain why plastic drums are not suitable for storing fuel and take a look at some of the best alternatives.

all litre open top blue plastic drum front line up

How do you safely dispose of plastic barrels?

Plastic barrels have a long life span, but at some point your trusty barrel will need to be disposed of. You can’t just throw unwanted plastic barrels in the rubbish, because the industrial nature of their prior contents as well as the barrels themselves need proper care and attention. In this article, we take a look at how to safely dispose of plastic barrels.


Why is industrial packaging important?

We are all too familiar with packaging in supermarkets, industrial packaging is often overlooked – and it’s one of the most important links in the supply chain. Industrial packaging includes everything from blue plastic drums to cardboard boxes, all of which help products to arrive safely and in perfect condition. In this article, we take a look at why industrial packaging is so important.

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120 litre open top blue plastic drum

What substances can you store in a plastic drum?

Plastic drums are one of the most versatile pieces of industrial storage and transport equipment found in a warehouse. Ordinarily coloured blue and spherical in shape, they can vary in size and overall capacity. They’re suitable for storing a wide range of materials, from foodstuffs through to hazardous chemicals.

A guide to transporting hazardous chemicals

Transporting chemicals is a key task that many companies with an industrial focus need to complete safely, on a regular basis. Transporting hazardous chemicals is a task that needs to be completed by following stringent laws and regulations, which are in place to keep the process health and safety compliant. To transport hazardous chemicals safely and to avoid accidents, you need to be aware of the best ways of transporting potentially dangerous substances, and which regulations you should be following.

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