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1000 litre IBC

What is the difference between a reconditioned and a rebottled IBC?

Intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) are reusable. This is one of the reasons why they can be such a cost-effective method for storing and transporting bulk materials such as chemicals. There are two types of reused IBCs available on the market; reconditioned IBCs and rebottled IBCs.

Elasticated Polythene Covers for IBC

Which substances can you store in an IBC?

A key advantage of IBCs is the increased space they offer for the storage of chemicals. They will usually have a capacity of 1000 litres and, like drums, are UN approved for transporting chemicals.

Drum Liner and Drum

Drum or IBC: Which is easier for storage?

When it comes to storing large quantities of items such as chemicals, there is a choice of vessel. How should you decide whether a drum or intermediate bulk container (IBC) is the best option?

1000 litre IBC

Are reconditioned IBCs safe?

Reconditioned intermediate bulk containers are previously-used containers that have been professionally cleaned for reuse. A vital factor is what materials these IBCs contained previously. Therefore, to ensure they are safe, reconditioned IBCs must undergo a rigorous process of cleaning and reconditioning.

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Coronavirus Update 25th March

We supply a vast range of business within the UK supply chain, including chemical, medical and food, and therefore we are still open to help supply our customers.

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Coronavirus Update

Like most businesses, we’re taking all the precautions possible and are following the Government’s advice carefully to keep you, our colleagues and the community safe and well. These are difficult times for everybody and we need to support each other wherever we possibly can.

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Happy 7th Birthday

This month marks our 7th Birthday and everyone here at ITP Packaging is proud of the work we have achieved over the years, especially during the past 12 months.

uv protection ibc cover

UV IBC Covers recently added

The UV protection offered by this product will help protect the contents of the IBC from UV light during transport and storage. They also over the added protection from dust, dirt and moisture.


Our Carbon Neutral Plan

We’re working towards the ‘Carbon Footprint Standard’ to become a ‘Carbon Neutral Organisation’. We aim to achieve this in two steps, firstly by reducing our carbon emissions and secondly through carbon offsetting.


A guide to materials

We have put together a list of some of the materials used which may also serve as a handy guide if you are unsure which material to use with your product. The best material for your requirements can be determined by your filling temperature, barrier properties and processes for example. Our Customer Support Team will happily advise which material and/or product is best for your requirements.


A guide to measuring polythene thickness

The thickness of our polythene products is measured in microns (mu) as standard throughout our site. However, although this is the standard ITP Packaging use, many people also measure in gauge or millimeters (mm/mil) , or quite simply defined as light duty - heavy duty.

Drum Cover blog

New product range now available

We are please to announce that we have expanded our range of Drum Covers. Along side our very popular elasticated covers which are mainly for in-house use, we now stock rigid Drums Covers which are ideal for use when storing drums outside.


ETI Base Code

Why we follow the ETI Base Code

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ITP Online Store Launch

ITP Packaging are proud to launch our online store, www.itppackaging.com

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