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Double Wall Cardboard Box

Double wall cardboard boxes: Uses and design guide

Double wall cardboard boxes are a great way to store and transport heavy loads, offering strength, durability, and versatility across a range of different industries. 

They’re environment-friendly, affordable and resilient, and we know that they’re an excellent choice for a variety of products. 

In this article, we take a look at why double wall cardboard boxes could be perfect for your transport and storage needs.

Why Are Double Wall Cardboard Boxes Needed?

Double wall cardboard boxes are heavy-duty storage boxes produced using two layers of corrugated cardboard stacked side by side. 

They are ideal solutions for a long list of storage and transport tasks where extra protection is required. 

Because of the double layer of cardboard, these boxes prove to be much stronger than traditional single-layer alternatives

They are designed from Kraft paper, which gives the box a rigid frame and allows it to keep its shape during transport. The strength of the cardboard means that you can safely stack multiple boxes on top of one another, too. 

They are incredibly lightweight and cost-effective in comparison with industrial transport containers such as steel drums, while their rectangular shape ensures they’re a practical way to store a vast range of different items. 

Importantly, double-walled cardboard boxes are made from up to 90 per cent recycled materials, which is perfect for environment-conscious business owners.  

Do They Last Longer Than Single Wall Cardboard?

Double wall cardboard boxes are much stronger than single wall cardboard boxes, and they’re likely to last much longer. 

The twin layers of corrugated cardboard are both springy and durable, ensuring that the boxes keep their shape even if they’re thrown around in the back of a lorry. 

Double-walled cardboard can take larger knocks and dents and will degrade slower than single-walled cardboard, giving them a longer lifespan overall. 

What Are They Commonly Used For?

The great thing about double wall cardboard boxes is how versatile they are. 

They are primarily used for storing and transporting solid goods, but this board spectrum essentially covers anything that can fit inside.

Double wall boxes can hold up to 30kg of stock safely, and this can include everything from fragile electronics to heavy tins of paint or stacks of frozen produce.

Single or Double Wall: Which Is Best for Me?

In most cases, double wall cardboard boxes are superior to single wall boxes. 

Single wall cardboard does have its uses, however. 

For starters, it can be slightly cheaper (although with bulk orders, the difference in cost is marginal anyway), and you produce less waste. 

Single wall cardboard also takes up less space, so if your products don’t need as much protection, it can be more economical. 

Ultimately though, the strength and rigidity of double wall cardboard make it a winner in comparison to flimsier single wall cardboard. 

If you’re interested in placing a bulk order for double wall cardboard boxes, then contact ITP Packaging and speak with our professional, friendly team to find out more.

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