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Barrier Foil liners and bags

Barrier Foil Liners and bags are the ideal for protecting your product against moisture and oxygen.



Our range of aluminium barrier foil liners and bags help eliminate product damage by providing protection from moisture and oxygen which is critical for products such as adhesives, pharmaceuticals, food and powers for example.

The foil bags and liners are available in a range of materials including anti static, EU & FDA food grade, hot fill and military grade.

Barrier foils offers many benefits including:

  • Moisture and oxygen barrier
  • UV protection
  • Eliminates odour ingress or emitting.
  • Prevent corrosion

If you can't find the size you require online please contact us as we can supply both the bags and liners to your requirements with quick delivery times, normally 1-4 weeks depending on size.

Order online or call Customer Support for further information and advice. Orders can also be placed over the phone if you prefer.



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