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IBC Covers - Our range includes elasticated and woven PP covers

Our IBC Covers are perfect for protecting your containers and their contents. If you work in the production or manufacturing industry, then you know what a pain dust, dirt and moisture can be when packing, transporting and storing goods. Our IBC covers are an excellent, quick and easy way to protect your IBC.


Intermediate Bulk Containers are a popular and cost-effective way of containing and moving a variety of different goods. They are most often used for the storage and transport of things like: chemicals, paints, inks, pharmaceuticals, solvents and other liquids. People find many other uses for 1000ltr IBCs, but if you’re using them to store valuable goods then the last thing you want is for your IBC to suffer from dust, damage and dirt. 

We offer woven IBC Covers, IBC Dust Covers and UV IBC Covers here at ITP Packaging. We know that protecting your goods is important, whether that be from moisture, sun damage or dust. That’s why we have a range of solutions on offer - so that you can find what you need at an affordable price, from a reliable provider. 

Our IBC Covers are an ideal solution for protecting your product or container from the likes of as dust, dirt and moisture. The IBC Covers are ideal for outside storage and have eyelets in each corner which can be tied to the IBC. They're a quick and easy way to protect your 1000ltr IBC. Read more below. 


Woven IBC Covers 

Our woven IBC covers are perfect for protecting your 1000ltr IBCs while being stored either outside or inside. These covers can efficiently protect your IBC from dust, dirt and moisture, while covering them almost entirely. These covers are also waterproof. 

They come with eyelets in each corner as standard. This allows the cover to be completely tied to the IBC, securing the cover and further protecting your IBC. You won’t have to worry about losing your cover in the wind if you’re storing your IBC outside. The eyelets also mean that you can tie your cover tightly to the IBC, further preventing dust and dirt getting to your container. 

These covers are durable and tough. They’re made from woven polypropylene fabric, which means that they won’t be damaged easily and can last longer for repeat use. For an IBC cover that’s great for indoor and outdoor use, that protects your IBC and can be used repeatedly, choose our woven IBC covers. 

Features and details: 

  • 1 per pack 
  • Ideal for standard 1000ltr IBCs, but also fit any pallet about 1000x1200x1200mm 
  • Great for both internal and external storage 
  • Eyelets as standard, allowing for secure covering of your IBC 
  • Manufactured from woven polypropylene for excellent durability and toughness 
  • Waterproof for external use 


We price our woven IBC covers by the pack. Each pack contains one woven IBC cover, while bulk buying allows us to reduce the cost and offer discounted rates. The price of our woven IBC covers per pack is: 

  • 1 pack - £15 
  • 10+ packs - £12 
  • 20+ packs - £10 
  • 50+ packs - £9 
  • 100+ packs - £8 


IBC Dust Covers 

If you want a flexible way to protect your Intermediate Bulk Container, then our elasticated IBC dust covers are ideal. These covers are great for protecting your IBCs from dust, dirt and moisture by sealing the top of the container off. Our elasticated dust covers are perfect for 1000ltr IBCs but can cover any container between 1000-1500mm. 

These are a quick and easy way to secure open containers from any dust or dirt contamination - an important factor when storing and transporting your product. The elasticated seam easily fits over the top of the IBC to fit securely and seal your container. 

Because these IBC covers are elasticated, they have a number of different uses. Not only can you use them to protect your IBC, but you can also cover boxes, pallets, mixing vessels and drums too. Available in a range of colours, our elasticated dust covers are anti-static and food-approved as standard, but other materials are available upon request. 

Features and details: 

  • 10 per pack 
  • Perfect for 1000ltr IBCs but also any 1000-1500mm diameter container 
  • Multiple uses - can cover IBCs, boxes, pallets, drums and more 
  • Available in different colours such as pink, blue, black and clear 
  • Anti-static and food approved material as standard, but other materials are available upon request 


Our elasticated IBC dust covers are priced per pack with 10 covers per pack. The price per pack is: 

  • 1 - £18.60 
  • 2+ - £17.20 
  • 5+ - £16.70 
  • 10+ - £15.70 
  • 50+ - £11.80 


UV IBC Covers 

Sick of sun damage to your product and IBC? If you’ve been using Intermediate Bulk Containers for any length of time, and your product is sensitive to UV light, there’s a good chance that you’re aware a standard IBC doesn’t provide the protection you require. That’s why we recently added UV IBC covers to our catalogue. Since then the demand has been high, allowing us to reduce our price. 

Our UV IBC covers are excellent for protecting your containers and product against sun damage. They also provide protection against dirt, dust and moisture because they cover the entire IBC. These covers are for 1000ltr IBCs, but we can also provide 600ltr, 800ltr and 1200ltr UV IBC covers. 

These covers are perfect for the coatings industry, where the contents of your IBC require protection against UV light as a necessity. However, most products and IBCs can suffer from sun damage with prolonged exposure. Our UV IBC covers are great for any product, and they have flaps for access to the top and bottom valves without needing to remove the cover. 

Features and details: 

  • 1 per pack 
  • Made for 1000ltr IBCs, but options are available for 600, 800 and 1200ltr IBCs 
  • Durable and heavy duty fabric 
  • Excellent UV protection against direct sunlight damage 
  • Flaps for top and bottom valve access while in use 
  • Eyelets available as additional option 


Our UV IBC covers are priced by the pack, and come as one cover per pack. The price per pack is: 

  • 1 - £80 
  • 10+ - £78 
  • 20+ - £76 
  • 50+ - £73 
  • 100+ - £70 


Delivery and Returns 

Here at ITP we offer free delivery on all orders over £100. This applies to anywhere within mainland UK and Ireland. For orders outside that area or under £100, the delivery charge is displayed on your order before checkout. That means you know exactly what you’re spending before you pay. 

If you’re ordering from outside the UK and Ireland, get in touch with us on 0333 987 4565 or hello@itppackaging.com. We’ll gladly help you further and offer assistance where we can. 

If you receive your order and it’s not quite what you wanted, get in touch with us as soon as possible. Contact our customer support team on 0333 987 4564 within 48 hours and you’ll be issued a returns document. We’re always happy to offer a refund or replacement on any goods returned within 30 days of issuing the returns document. 


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Need a sturdy, reliable and high quality cover for your IBC? Please get in touch with us today to find out how we can help protect your goods and containers. When storing and transporting your products, you want to be able to rest easy knowing that nothing is going to damage or contaminate them. ITP Packaging can help secure your goods today with our durable and quality IBC covers!



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