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IBC Covers - Our range includes elasticated and woven PP covers

Our range of IBC Covers offer a good solution for protecting your product and/or container from the likes of as dust, dirt and moisture. Our coves offer a quick and easy way to protect your 1000 litre IBC.


We offer a range of covers for 1000ltr intermediate bulk containers (IBC) including our popular elasticated covers and woven PP covers.


Woven PP IBC Covers

For external storing and/or to fully cover your IBC we recommend the woven PP cover. A great feature is the eyelets in each corner which can be tied to the IBC to prevent them coming off in strong wind and they are waterproof. 

  • Ideal for 1000ltr IBCs but suitable for any pallet approx 1000x1200x1200mm
  • Perfect for external storage but can also be used in-house
  • Eyelets as standard
  • Manufactured from woven PP
  • Waterproof cover


Elasticated IBC Dust Covers

Our Elasticated IBC Dust Covers are ideal for covering any container with a diameter between 1000-1500mm.  With an elasticated seam they cover the container top securely.

  • Can be used to cover IBCs, mixing vessels, boxes, pallets etc.
  • They are available in a range of colours, including pink tint, blue, black and clear.
  • Anti-Static and food approved as standard but other materials available upon request.
  • Suitable for diameters 1000-1500mm.
  • LDPE 60mu as standard, which is widely recycled, but can supply in other materials.


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