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Clear Polythene Bags (LDPE)

Our Clear Polythene Bags are available in a range of materials including 25mu, 50mu, 100mu and 125mu clear LDPE and are suitable for a wide range of uses. We can also supply in different materials and colours, just contact Customer Support for further information.


Our clear polythene bags are one of our more popular low cost industrial packaging options. They provide protection from dust, dirt, moisture etc, yet leaving the contents visible.

Although we refer to this product as a Flat Poly Bag, other names include, bottom weld bag, end weld bag, flat bag and flat liner, for example.

  • Can be used to protect a vast range of products.
  • They are available in a range of colours, including pink tint, blue, black and clear.
  • EU and FDA Food Approved as standard but other materials available upon request.
  • Vast range of sizes available.
  • LDPE (low density polyethylene) as standard, which is widely recycled, but can supply in other materials.


The thickness of the bags is measured in microns (mu) as standard throughout our site. However, although this is the standard ITP Packaging measurement used, many people also measure in gauge or millimetres (mm/mil) , or quite simply defined as light duty, medium duty or heavy duty.

Measuring by gauge is the more traditional imperial measurement of polythene whereas micron is the new metric standard.

The gauge of polythene can be converted to micron by dividing by 4. And the thickness in millimetres can be calculated by dividing the micron by 1000.

For example:

125mu = 500 gauge = 0.125mm

100mu = 400 gauge = 0.10mm

50mu = 200 gauge = 0.05mm

25mu = 100 gauge = 0.025mm


Order online or call Customer Support for further information and advice. Orders can also be placed over the phone if you prefer.



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