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Round Bottom Liner for Drums and Pails

We offer a wide range of Round Bottom Liners in different materials and sizes. The accurate fit of the liner compared to an ordinary flat bag reduces the formation of creases and air pockets which make them an ideal alternative.


Our Round Bottom Liners (RBL) are available in a range of materials including food grade (EU and FDA approved) LDPE (low density polyethylene), HDPE (high density polyethylene) and also in materials that have a high temperature resistance suitable for hot filling.

They're manufactured by welding a disc to an open ended tube of material. The weld then forms a liquid tight seal. This technology provides a high level of tear resistance. The accurate fit of the liner reduces the formation of creases and air pockets, which is often a problem with ordinary flat bags.

The liners are also referred to as round based liners, circular based liners (CBL), circular bottom liners and round liners to name just a few.

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